Recently I was talking about Creative Commons license.
   I'm pretty much interested to find and publish easy ways to let the dependency of stuff which always requires money or has proprietary rights. Therefore I'll show you another way to decide what's better for you.
   If you have lot of money, you might ignore me, but if you are really tired on paying tons of bills monthly, lets try to decrease at least the amount of money we spend to software and music. I'll give a clue to try something different.
   Use FOSS (Free Open Source Software), listen to CC (Creative Commons) music and look for free stuff everywhere. In many cases the quality of these kinda content might surprise you!
   See the video below and listen to the music. The band's name is "One Dice" singing: "I Close my Eyes".
   It's an amazing song affordable since it's free to listen and share.
   There are a huge and diversified list of good music available on the Internet such as those stored on: http://www.jamendo.com.
   You can listen only or even redistribute for free if you want meeting a new band everyday or simply downloading all the albums of your favorite band/singer.
   I use to listen to the radios and when I find out something interesting I usually open the link on other tab to check out more information about the artist or albums available to download.