Plokão - AmericanBR
   For a long time ago I was planning to publish interesting stuff which might be understandable or even meaningful for everyone than the usual alongside me.
   But what I'm trying to say anyway?
   There was a simple way to get it however not so easy though, because was missing something essential to accomplish first of all.
   To achieve that goal should be necessary go back to school again and dedicate some time to learn a global foreign language.
    Of course I know I'm not fully ready to do it yet however I'm quite confident because I'm a man with a bunch of things to say and thoughts and ideas to expose.
    Therefore as I also know that a nice way to learn is practicing and if I don't do it I'll never reach my goals in summary even committing several mistakes I'll try to reach the target.
   What I wanna show is that I'll not be afraid to do it and I'll try even basically at the beginning without fear of criticism. So I'll struggle to leave the comfort zone which I'm currently soaked.

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