They are cold-blooded. They are completely ruthless about protecting
what they have. The only thing they connect to is the money aspect of
life.  Let's face it: That's the American way.
                -- Jeffery M. Johnson, regional chairman of the District
                                   of Columbia United Way, speaking of drug dealers.

"There are two ways of constructing a software design: One way is to
make is so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies, and the
other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious
                -- C. A. R. Hoare

No man in the world has more courage than the man who can stop after eating
one peanut.
                -- Channing Pollock

The Law of the Letter:
        The best way to inspire fresh thoughts is to seal the envelope.

State license plates we'd like to see:

           NEVADA                               MASSACHUSETTS
          LVME 10DR                               OW-A CAH

           HAWAII                               WISCONSIN
           L-O HA                                CHEDDAR

There is no better way to exercise the imagination than the study of the law.
No artist ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets the truth.
        -- Jean Giradoux

Give me your students, your secretaries,
Your huddled writers yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your Selectric III's.
Give these, the homeless, typist-tossed to me.
I lift my disk beside the processor.
                -- Inscription on a Word Processor

Have the courage to take your own thoughts
seriously, for they will shape you.
                -- Albert Einstein

Have the courage to take your own thoughts
seriously, for they will shape you.
                -- Albert Einstein

Cats are smarter than dogs.  You can't make eight cats pull
a sled through the snow.

Corrupt, stupid grasping functionaries will make at least as big a muddle
of socialism as stupid, selfish and acquisitive employers can make of
                -- Walter Lippmann

Grelb's Reminder:
        Eighty percent of all people consider
        themselves to be above average drivers.

To understand this important story, you have to understand how the
telephone company works.  Your telephone is connected to a local
computer, which is in turn connected to a regional computer, which is
in turn connected to a loudspeaker the size of a garbage truck on the
lawn of Edna A. Bargewater of Lawrence, Kan.

Whenever you talk on the phone, your local computer listens in.  If it
suspects you're going to discuss an intimate topic, it notifies the
computer above it, which listens in and decides whether to alert the
one above it, until finally, if you really humiliate yourself, maybe
break down in tears and tell your closest friend about a sordid
incident from your past involving a seedy motel, a neighbor's spouse,
an entire religious order, a garden hose and six quarts of tapioca
pudding, the top computer feeds your conversation into Edna's
loudspeaker, and she and her friends come out on the porch to listen
and drink gin and laugh themselves silly.
                -- Dave Barry, "Won't It Be Just Great Owning Our Own

A budget is just a method of worrying
before you spend money, as well as afterward.

Though I respect that a lot
I'd be fired if that were my job
After killing Jason off and
Countless screaming argonauts

Bluebird of friendliness
Like guardian angels it's
Always near

Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch
Who watches over you
Make a little birdhouse in your soul
Not to put too fine a point on it
Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet
Make a little birdhouse in your soul

                -- "Birdhouse in your Soul", They Might Be Giants

In California, Bill Honig, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, said he
thought the general public should have a voice in defining what an excellent
teacher should know.  "I would not leave the definition of math," Dr. Honig
said, "up to the mathematicians."
                -- The New York Times, October 22, 1985

A castaway was washed ashore after many days on the open sea.  The island
on which he landed was populated by savage cannibals who tied him, dazed
and exhausted, to a thick stake.  They then proceeded to cut his arms
with their spears and drink his blood.  This continued for several days
until the castaway could stand no more.  He yelled for the cannibal chief
and declared, "You can kill me if you want to, but this torture with the
spears has got to stop.  Dammit, I'm tired of getting stuck for the drinks."

Don't let go of what you've got hold of,
until you have hold of something else.
                -- First Rule of Wing Walking

Man is the only animal that blushes -- or needs to.

Have no friends not equal to yourself.
                -- Confucius

You will be given a post of trust and responsibility.

I haven't lost my mind -- it's backed up on tape somewhere.

Inglish Spocken Hier: some mangled translations

        Sign on a cathedral in Spain:
                It is forbidden to enter a woman, even a foreigner if
                dressed as a man.

        Above the enterance to a Cairo bar:
                Unaccompanied ladies not admitted unless with husband
                or similar.

        On a Bucharest elevator:

                The lift is being fixed for the next days.
                During that time we regret that you will be unbearable.

                -- Colin Bowles

Chamberlain's Laws:
        1: The big guys always win.
        2: Everything tastes more or less like chicken.

        "I thought I saw a unicorn on the way over, but it was just a
        horse with one of the horns broken off."

If the ends don't justify the means, then what does?
        -- Robert Moses

It's a bird..
It's a plane..
No, it's KernelMan, faster than a speeding bullet, to your rescue.
Doing new kernel versions in under 5 seconds flat..
        -- Linus, in the announcement for 1.3.27

              The STAR WARS Song
        Sung to the tune of "Lola", by the Kinks:

I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah
Where it bubbles all the time like a giant cabinet soda
        S-O-D-A soda
I saw the little runt sitting there on a log
I asked him his name and in a raspy voice he said Yoda
        Y-O-D-A Yoda, Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo Yoda

Well I've been around but I ain't never seen
A guy who looks like a Muppet but he's wrinkled and green
        Oh my Yoda, Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo Yoda
Well I'm not dumb but I can't understand
How he can raise me in the air just by raising his hand
        Oh my Yoda, Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo Yoda, Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo Yoda

Man is a rational animal who always loses his temper when he is called upon
to act in accordance with the dictates of reason.
                -- Oscar Wilde

Q:      What do WASP's do instead of making love?
A:      Rule the country.

When you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite.
                -- W. Churchill, on formal declarations of war

Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with
themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
                -- Susan Ertz

Amazing things are all around us but most people never find them


On the state of Windows on the desktop

I have this Linux system on my PC which has become a bit boring (no, it's not crashed or anything... I just got a bit bored), so I decided to replace it with Windows 7 (some friends told me to not even try Windows 8 because it has an advanced interface nobody was able to figure out yet).

I really did not set the bar too high: I just hoped to have a nice user-friendly interface and recover the email I have in Maildir, and maybe watch my video collection on an external hard drive. You know, the usual stuff I do on Linux every day.

Please note that this article is a parody of what some Windows users write about Linux. The events described here have not actually taken place. However, the article is based on author's experiences with the Windows 7 operating system.

I didn't want to commit and install a new operating system right off the bat. I just wanted to try it first. So I typed "Windows Live" in my browser's search box to find a live version, preferably an USB image. Ok, so Windows Live wasn't a live version of windows but some kind of service you must sign into. I guess it's something like Ubuntu One. Not sure. Moreover, it turned out I'd have to actually buy it first before I could do anything with it. And there is not real live version of Windows 7.

I can understand not having a free version (well, no I can't, but let me just pretend I do), but why on earth is there no live CD? In 21st century, I firmly believed every OS could boot off a CD or USB stick and be able to show me what it looks like before I commit to it.

I called a friend of my friend's I knew had some experience with Windows before. He told me that I could download a free copy off torrent sites, and get a matching "activation key". I don't know what that is, but I thought free is still better than paying $200 for a system I know nothing about.

So I got an .iso file. I was lucky enough to find a copy that already includes this "activation key" thingy. I decided to boot it and see what it does.

Unfortunately again, the bootloader did not offer me the live version at all, and went straight on to install the system. The installer was easy enough.... or so I thought until I reached the partitioning software. "What is this thing?" I thought to myself. It didn't recognize any Linux partitions. There was also no option of resizing a partition to make room for Windows.

Not discouraged by the poorly conceived middle-ages partitioner, I rebooted into GParted Live and quickly resized one of my partitions and made two 10GB partitions. One for user files and one for system files.

Back in the installer, I formatted the two partitions as NTFS.

I won't bore you with rest of the installation since it was really boring. Let me just mention, just in case you didn't know, that there is no root on Windows. Really. Unlike any other operating system, Windows has a special account that is called "Administrator", which I imagine is something like root.

When I booted for the first time, my graphics were all messed up, there was no sound, and I could not connect to my wireless network. My other partition was simply called a D: drive, and I couldn't find a home directory, let alone mount D: as the home directory. I gave up, and decided to focus on getting the hardware to work.

After asking around, it turned out that I have to fetch drivers that are supposed to come with my hardware. I usually throw away such CDs. Bummer. So I borrowed a LAN cable from my neighbour, and quickly hooked my PC directly to the router.

It quickly become apparent that Windows has no package management to speak of. I had to actually go directly to software vendors' websites and manually download, unpack, and install software. In some cases, the packages would come as a RAR file, and there was no unrar to extract the files with. The worst thing though, is that Widows wanted me to reboot it every time I installed something new.

I finally got my hardware to work after four hours of research, downloading, and rebooting. By that time, I was already feeling like a slave to the OS.

Desperately needing to relax, I connected my external hard drive. No new icons appeared on the desktop. Instead, Windows started automatically installing drivers for the external hard drive and proceeded to inform me that the drive was ready for use (after a few minutes). Recovering from the shock, I glanced over the desktop just to notice no new drive icons have surfaced. After a futile hunt for my device, I rang the same guy that advised me on the art of obtaining Windows to give me new clues. He explained that, since my external hard drive has a JFS partition, I could not use it. For the next fifteen minutes, I was in a state of deep shock. All my videos inaccessible... no relaxation on horizon.

I finally decided to copy some of the video on an USB stick from my Linux system, and watch off it. So I was going to reboot, but then Windows decided it needed to install some "important updates", and kept me starting at the shutdown screen for well over 10 minutes. Then it finally decided to was high time to reboot. But then... woah! Boot loader was gone. I couldn't boot into Linux. What kind of bastard OS kills the existing bootloader? Totally insane!

After a few minutes of fiddling using my Linux Mint live CD, I recovered Grub, and was able to copy the video files right from within the live system. It was time to actually watch them.

Booting back into Windows (a process which was taking almost 2 minutes by that time), I plugged the USB stick in. And, of course, Windows had to install drivers for it as well. Thankfully, it didn't have to reboot. I clicked on a file, and Windows Media Player came up asking me a bunch of stupid questions I knew nothing about, and then decided it couldn't play matroska files. I called my friend over to help me solve this problem, and he brought an USB stick with some codecs and a whole bunch of software he thought we might need.

Friend plugged his USB stick in, and... you are guessing. Yes! Windows had to install yet another set of drivers for the new stick. What on earth is wrong with that OS...

We installed a whopping 18MB of codecs, and then the trusty VLC video player, and we enjoyed the show for a while.

It was time to do some work. I'd already come to terms with the fact that Windows didn't have a terminal emulator, didn't come with Firefox, and Vim was somehow not as nice as it was on Linux. But what about mail? I couldn't get Outlook to import my email. I asked around, but nobody was able to help either. Friend finally took off, saying he had better things to do than fiddle with an OS he knows very little about.

Someone has to rewrite all this crap. No LiveCD? No codecs? No software? No package manager?!?!?! Hello, this is like 2013, not 1993. I can't even imagine what would have happened if I had to compile something from source. I have no idea where I would find a compiler...

I'm glad at least I didn't pay for any of this shit. Or else I would have to convince myself that Windows was somehow superior to Linux so that I don't feel bad about the money.

I'm back on Linux because it works. Period.

Source: http://www.brankovukelic.com/2013/01/on-state-of-windows-on-desktop.html?m=1


   Recently I was talking about Creative Commons license.
   I'm pretty much interested to find and publish easy ways to let the dependency of stuff which always requires money or has proprietary rights. Therefore I'll show you another way to decide what's better for you.
   If you have lot of money, you might ignore me, but if you are really tired on paying tons of bills monthly, lets try to decrease at least the amount of money we spend to software and music. I'll give a clue to try something different.
   Use FOSS (Free Open Source Software), listen to CC (Creative Commons) music and look for free stuff everywhere. In many cases the quality of these kinda content might surprise you!
   See the video below and listen to the music. The band's name is "One Dice" singing: "I Close my Eyes".
   It's an amazing song affordable since it's free to listen and share.
   There are a huge and diversified list of good music available on the Internet such as those stored on: http://www.jamendo.com.
   You can listen only or even redistribute for free if you want meeting a new band everyday or simply downloading all the albums of your favorite band/singer.
   I use to listen to the radios and when I find out something interesting I usually open the link on other tab to check out more information about the artist or albums available to download.


The Erm

Folks please check out this band!
Their music is insane (awesome). I really enjoy them and the best I'll say right now: is totally free!!!
Find out here a little bit what they're describing about their license: " This page is for people who are using the google trick to find music. Please download, and share this with all your friends & family. I don't care. Put it on your hard drive, mp3 players. It doesn't matter to me."
Obviously I'll give you the link to find them however if you even don't know what's a Google Trick following the tip below and typing on your browser you'll fetch a lot of stuff to download but take care pick only legal music (no copyright). Keep going! Lets support people who shares their work for free under Creative Commons license.
   If you like and want more would be a nice idea support them buying your favorites songs.
That's below an example of a Google Trick to find specific stuff on the Internet:
--inurl:(php|htm|html) intitle: "index of" +"parent directory" +"description" +"last modified" (mp3) "the-erm"

Or even simply type:
--intitle:"index of" +"parent directory" (mp3) "your artist name"

The direct link address is: http://music.the-erm.com/files/
At their site there are these same tips showing how to proceed.
Follow the link and you'll find all available albums and songs to download.


Humanity, oh... humanity!

   The humans are very clever and therefore lead the top of dominant hierarchy of the planet and supposedly of all the universe and until now we don't have any convincing evidence of intelligent life beyond all known planets.

   While some people claim have enough evidences of the existence of creatures/beings with intellect more evolved, interplanetary travelers with technologies worthy of fiction movies elevated to the maximum of human imagination.
   I shall confess might be possible according the immensity of the universe and the amount of the known an unknown amount of existing planets.
   I'm not wondering about the existence of creatures/beings similar to us, however they being able to abduct humans and living among us wearing skins identical to our bodies is over the healthy sense revealing that some people are giving more credits to M.I.B. than is worth!
   Some people like to believe in angels and demons and there are those whom defend the idea of supernatural forces related to more ridiculous explanations, since alignment of planets, numbering sciences, stones on the table, spiritual signs and much much more, simply as an attempt to explain unknown myths/legends invented by mankind.


Agradecimentos à revolução Divina e à comunidade livre...

   Este artigo representa exclusivamente o meu ponto de vista acerca de convicções próprias, sem intenções ocultas, heresias ou qualquer forma de influência favorável ou desfavorável às crenças e ideologias humanas.
   Professo minha fé no Cristo e acredito na teoria descrita a seguir, onde destaco a providência de um meio eficaz de garantir a nossa libertação de um esquema tão bem articulado, o qual revela-se cada vez mais inevitável.
   Sairemos impunes à justiça Divina somente pelo fato de todas as irregularidades terem sido praticadas em um ambiente tecnológico?
   E se houverem acusações e provas incontestáveis de nossas práticas ilícitas?
   E havendo alegações de que usufruímos de propriedades intelectuais de uso restrito?
   Ou ainda, vestígios de que através de meios escusos obtivemos acesso indevido a conteúdo bloqueado, reservado apenas aos que estejam dispostos a pagar por ele?

   Bem, chega de explanações e vamos finalmente ao que interessa:
   No princípio haviam trevas...
   Em 1984 surgiu o Projeto GNU e em seguida, especificamente em 1991, o Linux versão 0.01 através da ideologia Open Source.
   A partir daí os que eram oprimidos pelo valor abusivo das licenças de software puderam contar com uma solução completa e viável.
   A sequência de medidas que mais tarde possibilitariam novas escolhas não foram morosas, pelo contrário começaram em 1964 com o Multics, base do UnixMinix e posteriormente do Linux, representando a esperança devolvida àqueles que por motivos variados seriam excluídos desse processo.
   Quando o padrão de qualificação adotado se impôs como questão de subsistência a sociedade finalmente pôde notar que se tratava de algo tão restritivo e maquiavélico que era praticamente impossível de perceber, porém os padrões adotados eram exclusivos das tecnologias proprietárias e a solução encontrada todos nós sabemos: Violação de propriedades intelectuais, vulgarmente chamada de pirataria.
   No ano de 2009 a imprensa deu destaque para um bonito ato de caridade da empresa Micro$oft, que dizia contribuir com a comunidade GNU/Linux com aproximadamente 20.000 linhas de código.
   Verdade seja dita, o que foi propositalmente escondido é que tudo não passou de uma inteligente jogada de marketing, já que o real motivo de tamanha caridade foi evitar processos legais por violação dos termos da GPL por terem incorporado indevidamente códigos abertos em seus controladores Hiper-V.
   No entanto, como ações dizem mais que palavras, no ano de 2001,  Steve Ballmer, o então CEO da Micro$oft, revelou o que realmente pensam sobre o GNU/Linux: “O Linux é um câncer”, “algo comparado  ao COMUNISMO”, na tentativa de depreciá-lo perante ao seu ridículo, inseguro e bugado sistema, o Window$.
   Dizem que o demônio afirmou ser impossível servir a Deus devido às suas exigências, usando a mesma justificativa a maioria das pessoas dizem que é difícil utilizar sistemas Unix-like em ambiente doméstico, alegando dificuldades de uso.
   Eu escreveria numerosas páginas contendo razões e vantagens visando estimular o êxodo maciço das plataformas proprietárias, porém os sinais são evidentes demais para quem se propor a vê-los. Nem o Deus que sirvo interfere em minhas decisões porque eu faria algo semelhante?
   Mesmo assim, deixo algumas reflexões para os que desejarem simplesmente concluir a leitura do artigo:
   Por quê utilizamos combustíveis altamente poluentes quando possuímos a tecnologia de  veículos elétricos e até projetos de carros movidos à energia solar?
   Por quê a humanidade ainda sofre com males tão antigos quanto o câncer e mais recentes como a aids?
   Por quê necessitamos de antivírus para computador somente em sistemas proprietários?
   Há alguma motivação relacionada à ganância?
   Finalizando, deixo alguns agradecimentos especiais ao amigo verdadeiro que sequer me conhece (mas que muito me auxiliou). Que meu Deus restaure a sua saúde e coloque um anjo particular para guardá-lo noite e dia dos males desse mundo!
   Obrigado, Patrick Volkerding. Te admiro demais! (Tenho medo dos rumos que o Slackware possa tomar sem a sua presença).


73|\/| d!@ qÜ3 & f*#@!... (tem dia que é f*#@!)

   Há uma pequena parte de meus contatos da web reclamando que está ficando velha ou mais rigorosa com  os padrões de comunicação utilizados atualmente.
   Discordo de alguns, acho que estamos adquirindo maturidade.
   Eu por exemplo, já não consigo ignorar coisas que antes passavam despercebidas. Sempre gostei de IRC, mas não sei se  por causa do trabalho ou das ocupações diárias ando meio desmotivado.
   Tenho a impressão de que as propagandas aumentaram bastante afetando desde sites de relacionamento aos cabeçalhos e rodapés de programas muito difundidos.
   Antes do padrão adotado hoje em dia, escrevíamos errado também, lógico, por modismo ou tentando demonstrar que entendíamos muito de informática e Internet - o foco da época em que computador era artigo de luxo - mas hoje vai muito além disso.
    Ainda é difícil engolir que o messenger (atual MSN), o qual nos bons e velhos tempos não ameaçava nem de longe os famosíssimos mIRC e ICQ, agora tornou-se pré requisito quando se trata de comunicação instantânea.
   Além dessa terrível constatação, podemos notar que piorou e muito o que na época interpretávamos como escrever erroneamente e como se não bastasse, conseguiram agravar ainda mais utilizando atualmente imagens .gif como letras, ou seja, até as palavras estão se mexendo num loop infinito.
   Todos na nossa época gostavam de bolar combinações de caracteres pra fazer nossos próprios smiles:
 :)   ;)   :}   :]   :P   ;b   :b   >===> note que eram "smiles" (sorrisos) e não emotICONs, o divertido era brincar aprendendo a misturar caracteres, formando imagens, algo ainda bastante apreciado e difundido na comunidade underground, através de uma arte denominada ASCII.
   Sabemos que "abreviar"  algumas palavras até se faz necessário, embora dependa muito do que entendamos por abreviação e da coerência de seus resultados.
   Já presenciei absurdos extremos ao ponto de escreverem: "assim"="axim".
   Uma das principais finalidades da Internet é fazer e preservar contatos relevantes, encontrar e compartilhar conteúdo útil, além de disseminar conhecimento e estudar bastante.
   Pena saber que apesar de tanta tecnologia - que poderia ser empregada no auto aprendizado -  não é a realidade que presenciamos, entretanto há uma luz no fim do túnel, o país está passando por uma evolução forçada na educação e talvês em breve tenhamos um número considerável de usuários que não acompanhem esse comportamento.
   Viva o aperfeiçoamento!
   Viva o Linux!

Mulher de vestido.

   Dia desses eu estava num parque da cidade sem muita motivação, as vezes cabisbaixo, olhando de um lado para o outro e não encontrava nada de interessante.
   Comecei a observar alguns macaquinhos nos galhos das árvores descendo constantemente ao chão para conseguir comida distribuída por curiosos ao redor.
   Aproximei daquele cenário e também arrisquei dar pipoca aos bichinhos. O tempo passava e aquilo era a coisa mais interessante até o momento.
   Foi aí que por acaso, admirado com a exaltação exagerada promovida pelos espectadores àquele episódio, comecei a reparar nas pessoas em volta e quão agradável surpresa foi ver ao meu lado uma lindíssima mulher.
   Dentre as inúmeras qualidades que pude notar, além de sua beleza estonteante, uma das características  que me chamaram a atenção foram os seus trajes. Apresentava-se como uma pessoa coerente no modo de vestir-se, extremamente sensual sem o menor vestígio de vulgaridade e denotava um intelecto elevado.
   Trajava um vestido verde bem claro, aparentemente macio aos olhos. Uma visão simplesmente fabulosa.
   Notei algumas adolescentes muito bonitas no local, porém não se destacavam pelo fato de estarem ao lado daquela diva.
   Devido a sua presença, eu já havia me esquecido completamente dos outros personagens da cena, dos coadjuvantes e de todo o resto, entretanto, ainda observador, vi que o ambiente começou a ser tomado por homens. Sinceramente não sei de onde surgiram tantos em tão pouco tempo e quando percebi já estavam em maior número que os animais e as crianças.
   Me restou apenas afastar, achar um banquinho, sentar e ficar analisando: Mulher de vestido é bem mais feminina.
   Atento aos novos detalhes pude perceber que nenhuma outra no local demonstrava estar à vontade com a sua presença. Ao meu ver, pareciam procurar encontrar algo para ofuscar tantos atributos.
   Constatei então que, a maioria das mulheres presentes no parque usavam calças, alternando entre o jeans e outros tecidos e apenas uma pequena quantidade aparecia de saias, talvês porque esse tipo de roupa deixe as silhuetas bem mais definidas - principalmente quando o destaque é focado no umbigo à mostra, inclusive com uma grande variedade de piercings e barriguinhas bem definidas, descoloridas artificialmente.
   Mas a aquela deusa era sem dúvida a mais atraente, nem tanto pela beleza incontestável, mas pela feminilidade, a sensualidade exalada despropositalmente, o olhar, as cores das roupas escolhidas em harmonia, enfim, todo o conjunto.
   A observância desses detalhes está  ficando rara, não sei se por causa de padrões de beleza, ausência de personalidade ou necessidade de aceitação. Até imaginei que fosse algo associado à conquista de uma  mobilidade maior, justificável pelas exigências do mercado de trabalho.
   De qualquer forma, continuo apreciando mulheres, lógico! Seja com ou sem roupas, mas ressalto de agora em diante uma maior atração pelas que usem vestidos.
  Resumindo, não poderia concluir sem aprender uma lição com essa experiência, de modo a ajudar moldar um pouco mais a minha personalidade.
   Desde então, estou convicto de que uma pessoa sabendo se portar de acordo com o ambiente, mesmo quando aparentemente não hajam regras pré estabelecidas, atrai para si a admiração de muitos, ainda que não tenha a beleza e o carisma da dama que usei como exemplo.

A mulher mais linda do mundo.

   Embora o mundo esteja repletíssimo de belíssimas mulheres, eu, independente da opinião pública elegi a mais  bela que vive nele.
   Óbvio que por ser uma pessoa pública, ela nem ao menos me conhece e particularmente, embora eu não saiba nada sobre sua personalidade e caráter, ela é fisicamente a mulher mais linda e atraente do planeta em minha opinião.
   Quem seria ela?

   Helen Ganzarolli!