The Erm

Folks please check out this band!
Their music is insane (awesome). I really enjoy them and the best I'll say right now: is totally free!!!
Find out here a little bit what they're describing about their license: " This page is for people who are using the google trick to find music. Please download, and share this with all your friends & family. I don't care. Put it on your hard drive, mp3 players. It doesn't matter to me."
Obviously I'll give you the link to find them however if you even don't know what's a Google Trick following the tip below and typing on your browser you'll fetch a lot of stuff to download but take care pick only legal music (no copyright). Keep going! Lets support people who shares their work for free under Creative Commons license.
   If you like and want more would be a nice idea support them buying your favorites songs.
That's below an example of a Google Trick to find specific stuff on the Internet:
--inurl:(php|htm|html) intitle: "index of" +"parent directory" +"description" +"last modified" (mp3) "the-erm"

Or even simply type:
--intitle:"index of" +"parent directory" (mp3) "your artist name"

The direct link address is: http://music.the-erm.com/files/
At their site there are these same tips showing how to proceed.
Follow the link and you'll find all available albums and songs to download.

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