Humanity, oh... humanity!

   The humans are very clever and therefore lead the top of dominant hierarchy of the planet and supposedly of all the universe and until now we don't have any convincing evidence of intelligent life beyond all known planets.

   While some people claim have enough evidences of the existence of creatures/beings with intellect more evolved, interplanetary travelers with technologies worthy of fiction movies elevated to the maximum of human imagination.
   I shall confess might be possible according the immensity of the universe and the amount of the known an unknown amount of existing planets.
   I'm not wondering about the existence of creatures/beings similar to us, however they being able to abduct humans and living among us wearing skins identical to our bodies is over the healthy sense revealing that some people are giving more credits to M.I.B. than is worth!
   Some people like to believe in angels and demons and there are those whom defend the idea of supernatural forces related to more ridiculous explanations, since alignment of planets, numbering sciences, stones on the table, spiritual signs and much much more, simply as an attempt to explain unknown myths/legends invented by mankind.

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